A new learning for me….

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A new learning for me….

Give a quick and real answer,

When you tell your teen (my daughter is 11, almost there) about everyday things ( getting ready for drawing class, or school bus is about to leave, or go and finish your home-work) what reaction do you get?

  1. Rolling of the eyes, accompanied by what mamma…just 2 minutes please
  2. A single-to-few word, monotone answer (i.e. no, yes, hold on, stop-it, whatever…), accompanied by body language which suggests you’re getting on their nerves
  3. Getting irritated with banging of the door, or simple ignoring
  4. All of the above

No matter what answer you choose, even if you can relate to the question – this post is useful for you.

So every single minute I think to myself, why does kids really get irritated with us?

Here is what I have found out myself (yes, after analyzing my own behavior)….where I could be wrong

  1. They feel nagged : they feel grown-up (which they are not, specially for moms for sure) and may not be liking to take tips on day-to-day activities. They feel they would be able to manage their life on their own terms – which I am sure they will not. I can still find empty lunch-box (from Friday) in my daughter’s bag on a Monday morning.
  2. They are tired of little lessons: I have a habit of constantly telling my daughter to finish her home-work on time, revise her work before submitting, or stop watching that TV show….you may not be able to get up in the morning. I have a strong feeling that they think these as lectures which never stops. They do not want to listen to these unwanted little lessons from parents. So it may happen that they will start ignoring you.
  3. They would like to take their own decisions: I am sure every parent would be proud of their kid when they would take their own decisions, and are also ready to bear the repercussions. As a parent are we seriously ready to let them do what they want, and the way they want it???
  4. Take ownership: wow….taking ownership, isn’t it a big thing for your kid? So one day my daughter thought to work on her science project on her own, and asked me not to bother about the same. I was extremely impressed with her decision, however by end of the day none of her pages were printed and then the argument/screaming/blame game started between us. You don’t even want to know what happened next…..

So here are few points that I think why kids must be not liking what their parents do….have you come across any more points that can be added? If yes, please write back to me…..

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