Ways to style your unwashed hair!!

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I guess this a universal problem for every girl – bad hair day. And this one problem can lead to many other issues – how do I look, what I wear, and everything is going to messy today. It is rather difficult to shampoo every single day – may be time consuming and is doing more harm than good to your mane. It actually strips off the natural oils from your hair, leaving your hair dehydrated and parched. So instead give your tresses a new style and get a new look…..

Getting knotty

Tying a topknot in the easiest way to conceal your second-day hair. Not only it will cover the unwashed hair, but also will give a different look. You can also put the hair-stick as an added accessory.


Braid game

Every girl with long hair almost grew with braiding her hair. This is a perfect way to hide the oily hair. One can adapt any style – messy braid, fishtail, or the milkmaid braid. Add some colorful hair-tie for color and style.


Pony up

The best bet one can have is good old ponytail that will keep hair off the face and hide the not-so clean tresses. This is the most carefree, casual and trendy hair-style which anyone can pull off. Add some cool hair accessories like bejeweled bobby pins, or trendy hair-tie for an extra finesse.


Half up, half down

If your hair is still in a better condition, one can tie up the greasy bits into a half-up, half-down look. This will keep the volume intact and cover the oily scalp into a nice hair-do. One can manage this in different ways – just add a small clutch, or tie your hair with barrettes or use bobby pins to keep your hair in place.


Just cover it up

The other easiest way is to use a hair-band and cover up your second day hair and give a new look for yourself. Your selection of hair band should be based on your clothing style, color, and look that you would like to convey. Add a touch of glamour with neon headbands or embellished hairpins.



The other option is use dry shampoo to soak up the excess oil and to refresh your roots. Add a small amount of product to pump up the volume and style. Just make sure you choose the correct product from the market shelf and style your hair the way you are keen.


Try these quick hair tips and enjoy your day as it comes. Don’t shy away from the messy hair day, pull up the confidence in you, shoulders back, chin up and you are on the roll!!

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