Beautiful You Workshop

Our Beautiful You Workshop is a transformational, one day session for women who strive for perfection. So whether you are a working professional, or a stay at home mom, our workshop will help you unravel your confidence and achieve a truly rejuvenated personality. We would help you to bloom gracefully with subtle make-up techniques and personal styling.

Get ready to sweep compliments! Our one day workshop begins with a session on color analysis. Discover the colors that suit your skin tone and body shape. Certain colors if used correctly can help bring out the best in your personality. Color analysis is followed by a session on Make-up where you will learn tips and tricks to perfect your make –up application skills. Learn about the colors and products that will suit your skin type.

Renew your sense of style with our second session on Style analysis. We will discuss in details about the different body shapes and structures and what style of clothing suits each body type the best.

  • Color Analysis and professional Make –up:
  • We would assist you to identify your personal color that would enhance your personality based on your skin tone, hair, eye, and lips color
  • Suggestions would be given on pattern of colors that you can repeat in your clothing and accessories
  • Ideas would be shared to help identify and enhance your best features and the colors that will suit your skin tone
  • Enhance your features with make-up – natural makeup (day look) and glamorous make-up (evening look) tips
  • Correct method of applying and removing make-up would be provided
  • Enhance your Style:

As Ralph Lauren has said, “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly, Style is forever”.

Every individual has his/her signature style and they carry it very confidently on their shoulders. Personal style can be described as an expression of your personality, your tastes and preferences. It is an individual way of doing things.

  • How to dress appropriately for different events and occasions
  • Discovering your body type and dresses that suit your structure
  • Focuses on your individual body shape, bone structure and how to contour those figure variations
  • Cuts and styles that will help improve and enhance your image
  • Re-discover your signature style
  • Make a style statement with right accessories – be it bags, or scarves, or neck-pieces
  • Etiquette:

You will now be able to conduct yourself with style, courtesy and politeness in social as well as personal relationships. You are your own brand. This particular session will cover,

  • Body language and posture – Art of sitting, standing and walking
  • Effective introductions and greetings
  • Art of Entertaining Guests in at home
  • Art of Gifting

Fine Dining Etiquette:

  • Laying the table
  • Food Etiquette
  • Tea and coffee etiquette
  • Dining at home and in restaurants

Who should attend?

  • Working professionals
  • Social Moms
  • Mothers who are looking to go back into the workforce
  • Sales and Marketing professionals
  • Customer care representatives