Ways to style your unwashed hair!!

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I guess this a universal problem for every girl – bad hair day. And this one problem can lead to many other issues – how do I look, what I wear, and everything is going to messy today. So let us look into various options/looks we can have on a bad hair day!!

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A new learning for me….

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A new learning for me….

Give a quick and real answer, When you tell your teen (my daughter is 11, almost there) about everyday things ( getting ready for drawing class, or school bus is about to leave, or go and finish your home-work) what reaction do you get? Rolling of the eyes, accompanied by what mamma…just 2 minutes please A single-to-few word, monotone answer (i.e. no, yes, hold on, stop-it, whatever…), accompanied by body language which suggests you’re getting on their nerves Getting irritated with banging of the door, or simple ignoring All...

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Self belief…..

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If you change your mind, you can change your life!! So why not give yourself a chance to prove it….....

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Simple pleasures of life…..

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I am happy when my 7 year old hugs me tight, when I see my daughter smile, when my friends just call to check on me, when I get a surprise gift from my dear husband. I am glad when I open my eyes to the beautiful morning, when gentle breeze touches me, when I see the bright sunlight, when I see green meadow from my balcony. I love to see the rains, the smell of the soil after the first shower, the rainbow in the sky makes me happy, and like to see the flowers bloom. I love when I eat fresh fruits, when I see green veggies all around the...

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Nothing is right or wrong….

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New day…new thing!! The day started with the same routine – reading newspaper sipping my hot cup of coffee, answering emails, checking Whatsapp messages, going through Facebook….either deleting or replying messages. While doing this I came across this interesting article The Queen’s tongue, however the author is unknown. So I am not even able to thank the person who actually made me think of this language English!! English is the most common language spoken across several countries, however there are several...

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Get ready for a stylish look this winter with – Layering

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Winters are round the corner, and it’s the time to get your wardrobe ready for the cold season. Let’s try something different this season – let’s try layering this winter. Layering is the key to making all-season clothes work.  It provides maximum versatility and one can create their own personal style.  Layering offers you so much more than just comfort. There are various benefits one can achieve with layering: 1. Saves money – layering allows you to use your summer clothes along with the winter sweaters or jackets. It will allow you to save...

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Make your style statement!!

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  Fashion or style is not about what you wear, but how you wear it! It is more than putting some outfits together and creating your own signature style. Add some colors, textures, accessories to your dressing and create a positive impact.    ...

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Relive some of the most glamorous looks from Hollywood’s biggest nights!!!

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Relive some of the most glamorous looks from Hollywood’s biggest nights – The Oscars 2015 – 87th Annual Academy Awards!! The Best dressed Diva’s with some of my thoughts. Pictures courtesy – Please let me know your thoughts about this spectacular evening, and whom did you like the best. Will love to hear from you. Happy...

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Marsala – is the color of year 2015

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It’s December – end of the year and everyone is looking for a new year….a new tomorrow. Like everything, there would be a new color for 2015. This year the color is Marsala!!! EVERY year since 1990, the Pantone Color Institute has nominated a Color of the Year, forecasting which specific hue designers and consumers will all supposedly be using, wearing, and buying for the following 12 months. Last week, Pantone announced that the 2015 Color of the Year is Marsala. Marsala is a rusty earthy red color, which will, definitely make you...

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