Children – Basic Manners & Etiquette

For any child, LIFE remains a sea full of rich experiences just waiting to be explored!! ~ Natan Gendleman

Here at The New You, we believe that character education plays a very important role and makes a positive difference in every child’s personal development at an early age in life.

Our vision is to provide the opportunity for all children to learn all the social skills necessary for securing a successful future. We believe that our children are our future, and we must take care of them with maximum effort.

Children are always keen and eager to learn new things – they are very impressionable and inquisitive. It is rather easy to teach children at an early age in life because of their curious nature to explore new things.

During this workshop your children will learn things such as:

  • What to do when they meet people
  • Respecting others
  • Following rules
  • Social Manners
  • Table Manners
  • Basic dinning etiquette

The workshops are been taught in a fun, engaging manner so that your children are being educated as well as are having an excellent time.

We also make sure that the workshops are kept small on purpose with head-count never more than 10 participants in a class. The reason being simple – each student gets undivided attention he/she deserves.

We believe that every child should be given a chance to succeed in life. You as parents will see the change and this will be the most rewarding experience your child will carry for a lifetime!