Dhanashree Katdare

Choosing right Image Consultant is very important.  Deciding on someone to help you with your image, attitude, wardrobe, and signature style is very personal, so you want to be sure you feel comfortable and content with your own choice. There are 3 Wh questions you need to know about the person you choose:

  1. Who is this person….
  2. Why she chose this career….
  3. What inspires her…..

Meet Dhanashree Katdare

Like a typical working woman managing work and raising a family in suburban United States – “She had it all”.  Dhanashree had moved to the US in early 2000. Adapting to the new life was bit challenging earlier due to new people, new culture, and an altogether new environment. She then started working with an American Bank and later on moved to a corporate career at a major Pharmaceutical company.  The experience of establishing herself in this new environment gave a different perspective towards life – cultural nuances, etiquettes, proficiency in language, way of dressing; inter personal skills, and international experience.

After spending a decade in United States, she moved back to India with her family for personal reasons.  Getting adjusted to this new change, here in Mumbai, presented its own challenges – long working hours, work-life balance, and traffic chaos were getting difficult to manage. So Dhanashree decided to stay-home and take care of her young kids. However, deep within there was this sense of “dissatisfaction”. One fine day, she chose to take things in her own hands to shape it the way she would have liked or rather dreamed of – she chose to pursue entrepreneurship and in the domain that excited her and provided a platform to work with other and help them re-discover themselves.

Why she chose this….

“By choosing our path, we choose our destination” ~ Monson

“One’s destination is never a place, but a New Way of seeing things” ~ Henry Miller

Her personal and corporate endeavours, both in India and United States, allowed her to develop the survival instincts – the skill of adapting to new environment and challenges by being confident and positive.  She realized that there is virtually everything and anything that one can adapt to by keeping the right attitude and approach. She really liked the journey – the journey of experimentation with self image and the journey of acclimatizing to new environment, and journey of self-transformation into a corporate woman in the US.  It is this journey that she aspires to share with others and through the platform that really enjoys and believes in – Image Management Consulting.

As Galileo said, “You cannot teach a person anything. You can only help him to discover it within himself.” Her goal in life was very concrete – she didn’t want to teach, but share her thoughts, her experience, her understanding, and her knowledge. The belief was to help people realize their inner potential and transform them to confident, positive, and radiant individuals.

What inspired her…

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” ~ Picasso

She started with an inspiration – the importance of looking pertinent for the various roles and goals one is playing in life. Her encouragement has always been a positive change in and around her and her desire to change was much greater than her desire to remain the same.

As it is rightly said, “Accomplishment starts with the decision to try”, so her decision took her to the right path of becoming an Image Consultant. Her motivation is to help people around attain their goal – help transform their attitude, approach, demeanor, manners, and their image! Her motto is “Your Image is who you are inside and outside”

Ask yourself – Is it the time to find out whether your Image is working for you or against you? Is it the time to analyze if an Image change or transformation would help you reach your goal in life?  Is it the time to find out THE NEW YOU…

Welcome to The New You 

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