What is Image Management?

  • Image Management is the art and science of projecting an appropriate and powerful image, every time. It teaches us how to use existing resources of clothing, grooming, etiquette, body language and verbal and vocal communication skills to create the impact we have on others.
  • It is all about developing your inner strengths and at the same time reflect them on outside through appearance.
How would Image Consultant help me to achieve my goals?

  • “One would always say that I could have done something better in a given situation”. So here an Image Consultant would understand your need, your desired goal and bridge the gap between the two.
  • An Image Consultant would carve specific sessions for you keeping your desired goals in mind
Is Image Management for me?

  • Yes, it is for Professionals, corporate employees, students, teachers, customer representatives, young moms, home-makers. It is for everyone who wants to enhance their Image.
Do men also need Image Management like women? And if yes, then why?

  • Every individual deserves to look and feel radiant, positive, confident and should be able to pull together each day of life. Both men and women have the right to look perfect all the time.
  • In today’s world we meet people and interact with new people almost every day and t every walk of life. And we should be ready to face any kind of situation at ease and still look best, poised, and confident. The key here is happier you!!
  • For example, promotions at work, divorce, illness, a new relationship, re-entering the workforce and other such events are often the impetus for a person to want to take control of the image they present to others.
When would an individual need an Image Consultant? Which program would be the right one?

  • It all depends on the need of the client, which is analyzed after interacting with the Image Consultant.
  • Anyone and everyone can choose to get help for many reasons
  1. A fresh graduate starting his/her career
  2. A new mom, who wants to get back her own life
  3. Someone who has lost weight and feel the importance to look great
  4. For an individual who has gone through life crisis – divorce, and wants to get back to his/her own individuality.
  5. Someone who just wants to have that CHANGE in life
  6. Have an important personal or professional event coming up (e.g., reunion, family party, important business dinner, wedding, conference, public & television appearance, product launch, annual events, travel plans).
  7. Getting ready for the new life – a newly married couple
How can corporate organization benefit from Image Consulting?

  • Employees are the company’s greatest assets – you want to attract and retain the best employees, provide them with best of the training, encouragement, support and make them feel an integral part of the company’s mission.
  • Services an organization can utilize,
  1. Focus on Image ManagementImportance of First Impression
  2. Understanding of professional clothing and a tool on authority and power dressing
  3. Giving a perspective on International Style scale and Indian style scale in terms of formal dressing
  4. Effective Communication – Interoffice communication understanding
  5. Use of appropriate body language
How is the difference between a fashion stylist, personality developers and Image Consultant?

  • An Image Consultant posses all the qualities of a fashion stylish, personality developer; however it is more than all the above

  • A good Image Consultant would bridge the gap between current roles and desired goals
  • They offer customized solutions, incorporating all aspects carefully tailored to client’s unique needs.
  • They believe that each client wants to look fabulous and look the part that is authentic, attractive, appropriate, and affordable
Is hiring an Image Consultant an expensive affair?

No definitely it is not an expensive affair.

  • Actually an IC will assist in saving a lot of time and money. They would help a client to evaluate his/her closet and discard all those garments that doesn’t fit or flatter.
  • An IC would also help in mix-and-match the existing garments, and would create many clusters
  • The client would also get assistance in to get new look from existing resources he/she has
What is the time duration for individual consultation?

  • It totally depends on the need of the client, which is been decided after conducting TNA (Training Need Analysis) for corporate clients and Image scope for individual consultation
How long does it take to get results?

  • Each step you take along the way gives you results. Remember, this is not a television makeover show, everyone moves at their own pace and that’s absolutely fine.
  • The important part is that Image Consultant is there to help you integrate the changes and celebrate the results.
  • The entire process is been customized keeping you in mind, and giving you enough time to adapt these changes. You can take it at your own speed allowing sometime to make these changes to re-discover The New You!!!
Will I be to carry the new Image myself properly on my shoulders, after my sessions are over?

  • We believe in long-lasting relationships, so even if your sessions get over we would always be in contact with you regarding any doubts you might have
  • You can click pictures and forward them to your consultant, and be in touch with your consultant
  • A good Image Consultant would not only make sure that you are confident about your appearance, but will also boost your self-image
Will an Image Consultant (IC) impose own tastes upon the clients?

  • All the sessions would be conducted keeping your personality, your taste, your likes-dislikes and your individuality in mind. And all the recommendations given would be based on the same platform.
  • A good IC will always be compassionate and would carry empathy to make the client comfortable by understanding the needs, tastes, and making the entire experience enjoyable.
  • The basic objective of an IC would be to re-discover the inner you and enhance your potential.
What results can I expect?

You can expect to…

  • Recognize your inner strength and your own potential to look the part
  • Believe in yourself and boost confidence
  • Identify what suits your personal style and personal choice, and how to re-inspire yourself in a truly positive and fulfilling way
  • Explore yourself to know your inner strengths and ultimately align your outer image with it
  • Become aware of your body shape and figure variations, and what kind of clothing better suits you
  • Understand the reason why you don’t prefer certain items of clothing or accessories and how to make better choice with available resources
  • Getting more knowledge by understanding the appropriate use of colors, designs, patterns, textures, styles to create your own personal style
  • Learn how to make shopping more fun and rewarding by knowing what to focus on as you enter the store or the mall
  • Make effective use of your current resources like clothing, and getting benefits out of it
  • Enjoy your Image enhancement – re-discover yourself!!
What is color analysis? And how would it help me?

  • In reality, one can wear any color that exists
  • The only points to consider are suitable tints, tones, and shades of each color
  • Understand your personal color and wear them confidently
  • It is learnt that most people discover “new” colors that they never thought of wearing before.
Is Color affected by fabric?

This is an important area totally overlooked.

  • All colors are affected by the fabric it is combined with, e.g. the colour ‘burgundy’ looks completely different in gabardine, silk, satin, corduroy and linen.
  • Man-made and natural fabrics also need to be considered.
  • The texture, weave and surface of fabrics all have their place to play in selecting garments.
How do I contact you?

  • My personal information is shared in the contact us folder – I am just one phone call away
  • Once you call, we can set up an appointment and start the journey of The New You together!!
  • Just give me an opportunity to re-discover you, to enhance your personality, and to revive The New and Confident You!!