Gear up for the future

“I am not a kid anymore”…have you heard this?

Teenager – when you are too young for half the things you really want to do, and too old to do the other half. Teenage life is the most confused stage for a kid where they are leaving behind the school days and getting ready for the college.

College is a unique season in the life of any student.  Kids start taking more social and personal responsibilities that were typically done by our parents. There is a lot expected from you – both academically and on personal behavior front.

In gear up for the future session we enable the teenagers to understand their state, enjoy their moment, take the right decisions and prepare for a successful adulthood. This features:

  1. Dress Sense
  2. Grooming & Hygiene
  3. Social Manners
  4. Confidence Building
  5. Understanding Family Values
  6. Art of Public Speaking
  7.  Anger & Stress Management
  8. Dealing with Peer Pressure
  9. Dining etiquette