Get ready for the big day – Job ready

Regardless of your age, gender or experience, transform yourself — your approach, your attitude and your impact — with fundamentals of Social Etiquette. Through The New You – Image Management Company’s job ready workshop, you’ll learn the tools you need to project more confidence, class and approachability in any situation and get you prepared to enter the working world. Get ready for the big day is a comprehensive program on how to project a powerful image and get the best jobs, a higher position and remuneration.

Research shows that almost 90% of the decisions regarding an interviewee are made within the first few seconds of the meeting. Job seekers require professional help to make effective first impressions within this very short period of time.

What we offer:

Create that First Impression:

–          Power of personal appearance

–          Choosing the right attire

–          Personal grooming and hygiene

–          Body language, nonverbal communication and nervous gestures

–          Basic make-up for women


–          Entering a room

–          Introducing yourself and others

–          Overcoming shyness

–          Conversations — How to start, carry & end them with style

Entertaining & Dining Etiquette (Optional Tutorial):

–          Table settings

–          Dining styles

–          Buffet Etiquette and Etiquette for parties & social gatherings